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CZipArchive Class Reference

#include <ziparchive.h>

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Detailed Description

The representation of the zip archive file. This class provides all the operations on the zip archive.

Definition at line 225 of file ziparchive.h.

Public Types

enum  CallbackType {
  cbNothing = 0x0000, cbAdd = 0x0001, cbAddTmp = 0x0002, cbAddStore = 0x0004,
  cbExtract = 0x0008, cbDeleteCnt = 0x0010, cbDelete = 0x0020, cbTest = 0x0040,
  cbSave = 0x0080, cbGetFromArchive = 0x0100, cbRename = 0x0200, cbReplace = 0x0400,
  cbNextValue = 0x0800, cbSubActions = cbAddTmp | cbAddStore | cbDeleteCnt | cbReplace, cbActions = cbAdd | cbExtract | cbDelete | cbTest | cbSave | cbGetFromArchive | cbRename, cbAll = cbActions | cbSubActions
enum  CloseAfterException { afNoException, afAfterException, afWriteDir }
enum  FFCaseSens { ffDefault, ffCaseSens, ffNoCaseSens }
enum  OpenMode { zipOpen, zipOpenReadOnly, zipCreate, zipCreateSpan }
enum  Predict { prDir, prFile, prAuto }
enum  Smartness {
  zipsmLazy = 0x0000, zipsmCPassDir = 0x0001, zipsmCPFile0 = 0x0002, zipsmNotCompSmall = 0x0004,
  zipsmCheckForEff = 0x0008, zipsmMemoryFlag = 0x0010, zipsmCheckForEffInMem = zipsmMemoryFlag | zipsmCheckForEff, zipsmSmartPass = zipsmCPassDir | zipsmCPFile0,
  zipsmSmartAdd = zipsmNotCompSmall | zipsmCheckForEff, zipsmSafeSmart = zipsmSmartPass | zipsmNotCompSmall, zipsmSmartest = zipsmSmartPass | zipsmSmartAdd, zipsmInternal01 = 0xf000

Public Member Functions

bool AddNewFile (CZipMemFile &mf, LPCTSTR lpszFileNameInZip, int iComprLevel=-1, int iSmartLevel=zipsmSafeSmart, unsigned long nBufSize=65536)
bool AddNewFile (LPCTSTR lpszFilePath, LPCTSTR lpszFileNameInZip, int iComprLevel=-1, int iSmartLevel=zipsmSafeSmart, unsigned long nBufSize=65536)
bool AddNewFile (LPCTSTR lpszFilePath, int iComprLevel=-1, bool bFullPath=true, int iSmartLevel=zipsmSafeSmart, unsigned long nBufSize=65536)
bool AddNewFile (CZipAddNewFileInfo &info)
bool AddNewFileDrv (LPCTSTR lpszFilePath, int iComprLevel=-1, bool bFullPath=true, int iSmartLevel=zipsmSafeSmart, unsigned long nBufSize=65536)
bool AddNewFileDrv (CZipAddNewFileInfo &info)
void Close (int iAfterException=afNoException, bool bUpdateTimeStamp=false)
int CloseFile (LPCTSTR lpszFilePath=NULL, bool bAfterException=false)
int CloseFile (CZipFile &file)
void CloseFileAfterTestFailed ()
bool CloseNewFile (bool bAfterException=false)
void DeleteFile (WORD uIndex)
void DeleteFiles (const CZipStringArray &aNames)
void DeleteFiles (CZipWordArray &aIndexes)
void EnableFindFast (bool bEnable=true)
bool ExtractFile (WORD uIndex, CZipMemFile &mf, DWORD nBufSize=65536)
bool ExtractFile (WORD uIndex, LPCTSTR lpszPath, bool bFullPath=true, LPCTSTR lpszNewName=NULL, DWORD nBufSize=65536)
int FindFile (LPCTSTR lpszFileName, int iCaseSensitive=ffDefault, bool bFileNameOnly=false)
void FindMatches (LPCTSTR lpszPattern, CZipWordArray &ar, bool bFullPath=true) const
void Flush ()
void GetAdvanced (int *piWriteBuffer=NULL, int *piGeneralBuffer=NULL, int *piSearchBuffer=NULL)
CZipString GetArchivePath () const
bool GetAutoFlush () const
CZipActionCallbackGetCallback (CallbackType iWhich)
void GetCentralDirInfo (CZipCentralDir::Info &info) const
DWORD GetCentralDirSize (bool bWhole=true) const
int GetCount (bool bOnlyFiles=false) const
int GetCurrentDisk () const
bool GetFileInfo (CZipFileHeader &fhInfo, WORD uIndex) const
int GetFindFastIndex (int iFindFastIndex) const
bool GetFromArchive (CZipArchive &zip, CZipStringArray &aNames, bool bKeepSystComp=false)
bool GetFromArchive (CZipArchive &zip, CZipWordArray &aIndexes, bool bKeepSystComp=false)
bool GetFromArchive (CZipArchive &zip, WORD uIndex, int iReplaceIndex=-1, bool bKeepSystComp=false)
CZipString GetGlobalComment () const
void GetIndexes (const CZipStringArray &aNames, CZipWordArray &aIndexes)
int GetLocalExtraField (char *pBuf, int iSize) const
CZipString GetPassword () const
CZipString GetRootPath () const
int GetSpanMode () const
CZipStorageGetStorage ()
int GetSystemCompatibility () const
CZipString GetTempPath () const
bool IsClosed (bool bArchive=true) const
bool IsReadOnly ()
void Open (CZipMemFile &mf, int iMode=zipOpen)
void Open (LPCTSTR szPathName, int iMode=zipOpen, int iVolumeSize=0)
bool OpenFile (WORD uIndex)
bool OpenNewFile (CZipFileHeader &header, int iLevel=Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, LPCTSTR lpszFilePath=NULL, DWORD uInternal=0)
CZipString PredictExtractedFileName (LPCTSTR lpszFileNameInZip, LPCTSTR lpszPath, bool bFullPath, LPCTSTR lpszNewName=NULL) const
CZipString PredictFileNameInZip (LPCTSTR lpszFilePath, bool bFullPath, int iWhat=prAuto, bool bExactly=false) const
DWORD ReadFile (void *pBuf, DWORD iSize)
bool RenameFile (WORD uIndex, LPCTSTR lpszNewName)
void SetAdvanced (int iWriteBuffer=65536, int iGeneralBuffer=65536, int iSearchBuffer=32768)
void SetAutoFlush (bool bAutoFlush=true)
void SetCallback (CZipActionCallback *pCallback=NULL, int iWhich=cbAll)
void SetCaseSensitivity (bool bCaseSensitive)
void SetConvertAfterOpen (bool bConvertAfterOpen)
void SetExtraField (const char *pBuf, WORD iSize)
bool SetFileComment (WORD uIndex, LPCTSTR lpszComment)
void SetFileHeaderAttr (CZipFileHeader &header, DWORD uAttr)
bool SetGlobalComment (LPCTSTR lpszComment)
void SetIgnoreCRC (bool bIgnore=true)
bool SetPassword (LPCTSTR lpszPassword=NULL)
void SetRootPath (LPCTSTR szPath=NULL)
void SetSpanCallback (CZipSpanCallback *pCallback=NULL)
bool SetSystemCompatibility (int iSystemComp)
void SetTempPath (LPCTSTR lpszPath=NULL, bool bForce=true)
bool TestFile (WORD uIndex, DWORD uBufSize=65536)
CZipString TrimRootPath (CZipPathComponent &zpc) const
int WillBeDuplicated (LPCTSTR lpszFilePath, bool bFullPath, bool bFileNameOnly=false, int iWhat=prAuto)
bool WriteNewFile (const void *pBuf, DWORD iSize)

Static Public Member Functions

static const DWORD * GetCRCTable ()
static bool RemovePathBeginning (LPCTSTR lpszBeginning, CZipString &szPath, ZIPSTRINGCOMPARE pCompareFunction)
static int SingleToWide (const CZipAutoBuffer &szSingle, CZipString &szWide)
static int WideToSingle (LPCTSTR lpWide, CZipAutoBuffer &szSingle)

Public Attributes

bool m_bRemoveDriveLetter

Protected Types

typedef CZipPtrList< void * >
enum  OpenFileType { extract = -1, nothing, compress }

Protected Member Functions

void CheckForError (int iErr)
bool CryptCheck ()
DWORD CryptCRC32 (DWORD l, char c)
void CryptCryptHeader (long iCrc, CZipAutoBuffer &buf)
void CryptDecode (char &c)
void CryptDecodeBuffer (DWORD uCount)
char CryptDecryptByte ()
void CryptEncode (char &c)
void CryptEncodeBuffer ()
void CryptInitKeys ()
void CryptUpdateKeys (char c)
CZipFileHeaderCurrentFile ()
void EmptyPtrList ()
bool GetFromArchive (CZipArchive &zip, WORD uIndex, int iReplaceIndex, bool bKeepSystComp, CZipActionCallback *pCallback)
void MakeSpaceForReplace (int iReplaceIndex, DWORD uTotal, LPCTSTR lpszFileName)
void MovePackedFiles (DWORD uStartOffset, DWORD uEndOffset, DWORD uMoveBy, CZipActionCallback *pCallback, bool bForward=false)
void OpenInternal (int iMode)
bool RemoveLast (bool bRemoveAnyway=false)
void ThrowError (int err, bool bZlib=false)
bool UpdateReplaceIndex (int &iReplaceIndex, LPCTSTR lpszNewFileName)
void WriteCentralDirectory (bool bFlush=true)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void * _zliballoc (void *opaque, UINT items, UINT size)
 memory allocator called by the zlib library
static void _zlibfree (void *opaque, void *address)
 memory deallocator called by the zlib library

Protected Attributes

bool m_bAutoFlush
bool m_bCaseSensitive
bool m_bIgnoreCRC
CZipClbckStrg m_callbacks
CZipCentralDir m_centralDir
int m_iArchiveSystCompatib
char m_iFileOpened
CZipInternalInfo m_info
DWORD m_keys [3]
CZipPtrList< void * > m_list
 a list holding pointers to the memory areas allocated by the zlib library
CZipAutoBuffer m_pszPassword
CZipStorage m_storage
CZipString m_szRootPath
CZipString m_szTempPath

Static Protected Attributes

static const TCHAR m_gszCopyright [] = {_T("ZipArchive library Copyright 2000 - 2003 Tadeusz Dracz")}


class  CWildcard
struct  CZipClbckStrg
struct  CZipDeleteInfo
struct  CZipInternalInfo
struct  CZipSmClrPass

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