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void CZipArchive::Close ( int  iAfterException = afNoException,
bool  bUpdateTimeStamp = false 

Close the archive.

iAfterException one of CloseAfterException enum values
bUpdateTimeStamp if true, set the modification date of the zip file to the date of the newest file in the archive; in disk-spanning mode only the last archive file will have the time stamp updated; you can use this option even without performing any additional processing on the archive, just open and close it
Throws exceptions if iAfterException is different from afAfterException

Definition at line 401 of file ziparchive.cpp.

References afAfterException, afNoException, CZipCentralDir::Clear(), CZipStorage::Close(), CloseFile(), CloseNewFile(), compress, extract, IsClosed(), CZipString::IsEmpty(), m_centralDir, CZipCentralDir::m_headers, m_iFileOpened, m_storage, ZipPlatform::SetFileModTime(), and WriteCentralDirectory().

Referenced by AddNewFile().

      // if after an exception - the archive may be closed, but the file may be opened
      if (IsClosed() && (!iAfterException || IsClosed(false)))
            TRACE(_T("%s(%i) : ZipArchive is already closed.\n"),__FILE__,__LINE__);

      if (m_iFileOpened == extract)
            CloseFile(NULL, iAfterException != afNoException);

      if (m_iFileOpened == compress)
            CloseNewFile(iAfterException != afNoException);

      if (iAfterException != afAfterException && !IsClosed(false)) // in disk spanning when user aborts
            WriteCentralDirectory(false);  // we will flush in CZipStorage::Close

      time_t tNewestTime = 0;

      if (bUpdateTimeStamp)
            int iSize = m_centralDir.m_headers.GetSize();
            for (int i = 0; i< iSize; i++)
                  time_t tFileInZipTime = m_centralDir[i]->GetTime();
                  if (tFileInZipTime > tNewestTime)
                        tNewestTime = tFileInZipTime;
      CZipString szFileName = m_storage.Close(iAfterException == afAfterException);
      if (bUpdateTimeStamp && !szFileName.IsEmpty())
            ZipPlatform::SetFileModTime(szFileName, tNewestTime);

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