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void CZipArchive::SetCallback ( CZipActionCallback pCallback = NULL,
int  iWhich = cbAll 

Set callback functors for the following operations on the zip archive: adding, extracting, testing or deleting files. See sectCallb information on how to use functors.

pCallback the address of the functional object which class is derived from CZipActionCallback (you need to override member function CZipCallback::Callback in the derived class) Set it to NULL to clear callback for the selected actions.
iWhich can be one or more (use logical OR) CallbackType values.
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Definition at line 444 of file ziparchive.cpp.

References cbAdd, cbAddStore, cbAddTmp, cbDelete, cbDeleteCnt, cbExtract, cbGetFromArchive, cbRename, cbReplace, cbSave, cbTest, m_callbacks, and CZipArchive::CZipClbckStrg::Set().

Referenced by AddNewFile().

      CallbackType cbs[] = {cbAdd, cbAddTmp, cbAddStore,cbExtract,cbDeleteCnt,cbDelete,cbTest,cbSave, cbGetFromArchive, cbRename, cbReplace};
      int iCount = sizeof(cbs)/sizeof(CallbackType);
      for (int i = 0; i < iCount; i++)
            CallbackType iCallback = cbs[i];
            if (iWhich & iCallback)
                  m_callbacks.Set(pCallback, iCallback);

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